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How do I buy stocks?

Stocks are purchased on a trading platform through a bank. In Sweden, Nordea, Nordnet, and Avanza offer relatively low commission fees for stock trading within the Swedish market. They are also very helpful if you are having any trouble making purchases or have any questions or concerns. You can of course choose to buy stocks through other banks too, but pay attention to the commission fees for they can be high.
Most people choose to trade through a so-called investment savings account (ISK) because of the tax  benefits, and you do not  have to declare for your trades.

Each time you buy a stock you will need to place an order. In the order you will specify how many shares you want to buy and what price you are willing to pay per share. If there is someone willing to sell their shares at your price, the purchase will go through. The bank charges for the handling of the trade, a so-called commission fee.