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How can I divide my money between different markets?

The more capital you have to invest, the more reason you have to spread your holdings among different markets and reduce your overall risk. At the same time, many of the companies that are selected through Sigmastocks’ models are international, and sometimes it may be better to ensure that your purchases are spread across different industries instead. This industry distribution is a part of Sigmastocks’ portfolios, where an industry can account for up to 20% of your entire portfolio. If you choose to take away certain industries, this limit is gradually increased to allow for a portfolio that invests your entire capital.

A simple guideline is to look at your past investments. For example, if you have had 50,000 SEK in a Swedish fund until now, that amount can be used to your advantage by having it invested directly in a Swedish stock portfolio. You will still have the same exposure to the Swedish market as before, but within the first year you will already have saved a large amount in management costs.