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We have the investment tool to help you create a safe and secure long-term investment strategy.
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With Sigmastocks you avoid high fees and take control over your investments – without requiring more of your time and effort.

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Experienced investor or just beginning? Easily start saving by using our research-based pre-set portfolios or by customizing your own strategy using our investment tool.

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You decide how much and how often you want to invest. When it’s time to invest you will get a notification from us. After that we calculate stocks to buy based on your portfolio’s strategy.

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Stop paying management fees and start to take control over your investments. To use our service you’ll only pay 19 or 99 SEK per month. Skip the high fees and let your money start growing on its own!

How much would you have saved with us? Choose a market and amount to see how your savings would have returned compared to the index if you had saved with Sigmastocks for the past 10 years, or get a forecast of how much you can save if you start today.
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“The millions spent by saving money through fund managers is entirely unnecessarily. The duo believes that the savers themselves can take control of their stock investments.”

"The start-up company Sigmastocks wants to have investors take control of their stock savings with the support of algorithms instead of fund managers."

“A small financial revolution laid the foundation for Mai Thai and Nanna Stranne's stock robot. Now the startup founders are awarded the Financial Profiles of the Year in Gothenburg."

"The 33-list. Savings through funds can mean high management fees. Sigmastocks wants to cut the costs with the help of mathematics and machine learning. ”

"They intend to take up the fight with the major banks for the Swedes' interest in buying stocks."

“Since founding Sigmastocks in 2014, the duo’s platform has become the preferred saving form for thousands of Swedes, now managing more than half-a-billion krona ($60 m)”